“For the last century and a half, the photo essay has been a vital cultural form. Working in this modern form, Micah Cash’s book depicting the hydroelectric dams of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the localities of these dams provides a compelling and valuable depiction of a crucial reshaping of the American landscape. The sensibility conveyed by Cash’s photographs is engaged and caring but also honest. One feels both the thickness of history and the complexity of the present, while remaining subtly reminded of the inescapable difficulty of representing these matters through images.”

—Robin Kelsey, Shirley Carter Burden Professor of Photography, Harvard University

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Hardcover book includes 70 full-color photographs and introductory text by the photographer.

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11/18  5:00pm     Main Street Books, Davidson, NC        

                                     Artist Discussion, Reading & Book Signing

11/29  6:00pm     Panel Discussion, LaCa Projects, Charlotte, NC

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12/1    6:00pm      C3 Lab, Charlotte, NC                          

                                     Photography Exhibition, Celebration, & Book Signing

12/14  7:00pm      Highland Inn Ballroom, Atlanta, GA      

                                     Micah Cash & The Bitter Southerner's Chuck Reece  

                                     in conversation, hosted by A Cappella Books. Book

                                     Signing to follow.


1/14     3:00pm       Malaprop's Bookstore, Asheville, NC

                                     Artist Discussion, Reading, & Book Signing

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 Editioned signed prints

Every photograph from Dangerous Waters: A Photo Essay on the Tennessee Valley Authority is available as editioned, signed, archival pigment prints.

10.5 x 15.75 inches / Edition of 25

16.75 x 25 inches / Edition of 12

21 x 32 inches / Edition of 5 (select photographs)

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