queen city bus stops, 2016 - present

Queen City Bus Stops includes photographs of every marked Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) bus stop within the designated urban center of Charlotte, North Carolina. This 2.2 square mile area is referred to as Uptown Charlotte, which is divided into four wards. A selection from each grouping is included on the website. This project was completed in August 2016 and consists of approximately one hundred photographs. 

Transportation has a significant impact on economic mobility. According to the Equality of Opportunity Project, an ongoing study by Raj Chetty of Stanford University and Nathaniel Hendren of Harvard University, Mecklenburg County ranks last in upward social mobility when compared to the top 50 major metropolitan regions in the United States. The rapid growth of Charlotte creates a substantial challenge in providing accessible and sustainable public transportation while also improving the infrastructure for the city’s current residents. In addition, the city’s growth has sparked continued conversations regarding development, gentrification, and property speculation, as well as increased discussions on racial and economic disparity. It is my hope that this project can aid the difficult discussions on how to improve the quality of life of Charlotte’s residents through design, public health initiatives, and an increase in transportation choice and access. 


Queen City Bus Stops Zine

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